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Prateek Hejmady

Growing up among creative artifacts all around the house, design was infused in my thinking at an early age. This thanks to mum being an artist! In parallel however, fascination for science and technology persisted and so have the addiction of asking ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions, with ‘why not’ always in the reckoning. Given these inclinations, it was natural for me to be allured by the field of User Research, Interaction Design and Human Computer Interaction in general. Over the past five years, the biggest revelation for me has been understanding how design is impacted by

the knowledge you have, or don’t have of your audience.

How do they think? How do they decide? What motivates them? The intriguing world of human psychology continues to mesmerize me. Also since grad school, the human eye has captivated my imagination given the tremendous potential it holds for future interactions. Apart from these, I love spending spare time traveling, changing f-stops/shutter speed in a classy noob style, sweating it out at the gym or best utilizing time on reddit.




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[li]Given Name Prateek Hejmady[/li]
[li]Occupation UX Researcher/Interaction Designer[/li]
[li]Interests Design, User Resesarch, Human Psychology, Travel, Photography[/li]
[li]Employers Autodesk Inc. (current), Intergraph Corp., Dell Services[/li]
[li]Alma Mater Auburn University, Visveswaraya Technological University[/li]



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