Smart 3D QuickPick

Design Challenge
Plant designers when interacting with denser volumes of a 3D model, struggled with quick selection of desired objects.

Process We aggregated user issues from internal inventory of customer support tickets and stakeholder interviews. Contextual inquiries revealed that, the current implementation of QuickPick automatically popped up and interrupted user workflows. In addition, from user interviews we found that, numerical representations on QuickPick conveyed no relationship with underlying objects or geometries that composed an object.

QuickPick One

Convincing stakeholders with new design ideas
Need for quick turnaround with prototype testing

Solution Objects present in the z-order of a 3D model were presented as a list with the composing geometries shown as flyouts for each object in the list. Given the high frequency of QuickPick usage, swift on demand display was facilitated with either a mouse gesture or keyboard shortcut.

Results Iterative usability tests guided us on where we should make small tweaks to QuickPick layouts. Usability tests reported 16% improved results with object selections.

Execute user research
Coordinate with Stakeholders and Developers
Ideate and create design solutions
Create prototypes